What is Active Seating & How can it Help You?

8 Oct, 2021
Active seating - what is it and how can it help improve and maintain your posture

An active chair keeps your body moving while you sit by encouraging the same natural shifts in posture that occur when standing or walking. This is known as active sitting, or dynamic sitting, and it helps improve posture, reduces stress on the body and strengthens back and core muscles. The chairs require a more open angle between your legs and torso, which affects the alignment of your spine in relation to your pelvis and prevents you from slouching. The new position makes your legs do more work, which takes the pressure off your lumbar region and reduces strain on the discs, helping to alleviate back pain

It’s important as a population we are becoming more sedentary, we sit for prolonged periods of time at a desk, often enjoy recreational activities such as watching TV, reading or playing computer games whilst sat down and are more likely to drive than walk.

Most active seating furniture is aimed at keeping you moving whilst sitting. There are many types of chair/stools on the market including wobble cushions, balls, saddle chairs, leaning stools and kneeling stools.

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In the clinic I use a Swopper stool, do ask to have a try when you’re next in the clinic!

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