Children and Walking – How we can help

2 May, 2020

Telehealth appointments for children:

Children and walking - tips from Village Chiropractic Clinic

Gait analysis; video footage can be submitted prior to the appointment with a telephone consultation to gain a full history before a remote access appointment. At the scheduled appointment an examination of your child can be carried out by you with observations and guidance given, this may be as simple as looking at joint movement and muscle tone or a little more detailed in terms of development and acquisition of movement. After a full discussion regarding findings a plan of management will be agreed, this may include onward referral, exercise prescription, advice with regards to appropriate toys, sport, seating, shoes or supports. In between agreed follow up sessions support will be offered as much as needed by telephone or email.

I am also running a motor skill development workshop for parents, this will discuss normal acquisition of motor skills like walking, sitting, kneeling. It will also include when to be concerned, normal development and milestones.

To book an appointment or to join the group workshop please ring 01889 500448 or email

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