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30 Aug, 2017

Jennifer Hudson, Chiropractor, presenting at a conferenceRecent conversations in clinic have prompted this blog. I have been asked recently about the qualifications it takes to become a Chiropractor and the pathway I took into the profession. I thought it would be a good opportunity to share this with you all.

I qualified in 2002 (can’t believe it was 15 years ago!) from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic which is part of the University of South Wales. I had completed a full time, 4-year undergraduate degree programme which had entailed the study of many areas including that of radiography, pathology, anatomy, physiology, neurology and research. I proudly qualified with a 1st class honours degree and with the accolade of the Clinical Excellence prize for my graduating year group.

I went on to complete my postgraduate training year in a lovely clinic in Dereham, Norfolk under the mentoring of a wonderful chiropractor who helped to instil my love of working with children, pregnancy and with many farming injuries! I was then asked back to the University of South Wales to help to teach their undergraduate Chiropractic programme and started working there as a clinical lecturer. My duties there were very variable from supervising final year students with their patients, assisting with research projects, hosting tutorials to designing patient management plans. I filled my evenings with seeing my own patients at a local clinic near to the University.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed teaching, my heart has always been in seeing patients.  I then moved up to Staffordshire to move in with my now husband, where we have made our home and family. Village Chiropractic Clinic started as a very small venture as Uttoxeter Chiropractic Clinic. Initially this was from the Marjorie Centre in Uttoxeter, then to the small premises adjacent to Uttoxeter Town Hall and then finally to the corner of Bradley Street/High Street. We remained there for just over 10 years, working hard, seeing many patients and mentoring my own new graduates as part of the Royal College of Chiropractors provisional registration scheme.

In November 2016, we were very proud to open our now current premises in Grindley, at our wonderful new, purpose built clinic. Additionally, I have kept up my links in academia and have lectured locally and further afield, and been involved in several research projects with Staffordshire University’s biomechanics team. I have completed my Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Biomechanics and was very pleased to be awarded a distinction in 2015.

I have to register every year to the General Chiropractic Council in order to stay in practice. To do this, I must undertake and provide proof that I have completed at least 30 hours of continual professional development, so please be reassured that although I qualified a little while ago, I take great effort to ensure I am as up to date as possible!

I am very privileged to really enjoy my job, it is a pleasure to come to work and to work with so many patients from many walks of life. I am one of a few people who come to work because I really want to, it has always been this way and I sincerely hope this continues.

As we come to the anniversary of our new premises we are looking to celebrate in style, so please keep a look out for what we have planned.

Thanks for reading and hope this has been of interest.

Jennifer Hudson, Chiropractor

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