New Patient Information

The Chiropractor’s first concern is to find the underlying cause of your problem, which may not always be located where you are feeling pain or discomfort.

The Chiropractor will start by introducing themselves and going through a full case history, not just about the pain or complaint that may have brought you to the clinic, but also about your past medical history. Some of this may seem irrelevant to you but these details can be extremely important to the Chiropractor. A full picture of your current and past medical history is often needed to establish if chiropractic care is appropriate for your condition. If chiropractic care is not indicated for you, you will be referred to your GP or other healthcare professional.

If appropriate, after gaining consent, the Chiropractor will go through a physical examination which may include orthopaedic, neurological and postural tests. This will allow the chiropractor to build up an understanding about the aetiology of your symptoms and to support you in providing the best plan of management that is possible.

The chiropractor will then explain their findings, likely diagnosis and together your will formulate a plan of management that is appropriate to your needs. The plan of management may include advice about lifestyle, posture, stretches or exercises. Occasionally, x-rays, MRI or further testing is indicated to help with the diagnosis. It might be that the results from this may indicate that a different form of treatment would be more suitable. This will be explained to you before any treatment begins.

We would advise wearing lose fitting relaxed clothing to your chiropractic appointment. A gown will be provided and will be available for all sessions if needed.